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  Our team is most committed to keeping the confidentiality, accuracy, and security of your personal information. As part of this commitment, our team structured our privacy policy to govern our actions in relation to their gathering, utilization, and disclosure. In drafting this policy, we ensured that it will reflect the values which The Privacy Act 1988 clearly outlined as the acceptable practices on personal information handling of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner or OAIC.  

  1. Introduction

We take full responsibility for protecting and maintaining the Personal Information you volunteered to our care. A dedicated team within our organization is taking charge of compliance/adherence with our existing privacy policy.   

  1. Identifying Purposes

By virtue of collection, use, and disclosure of personal information,  we will be able to provide you with the product or service you are wishing to obtain. In addition, we may choose to offer you products and services that we think you will have a high interest in. 

  1. Consent


Your consent is necessary for the collection and the use or the disclosure of your Personal Information other than what the law permits. This signifies that any kind of Personal Information you provide to us is always going to be your choice and your prerogative. But be aware that by putting a limit to the information you are providing to us may put a limit to what we can provide you, in terms of our products/services offerings. 


  1. Limiting Collection


We will limit the extent of Personal Information we will collect to what is necessary to serve the purposes our team identified in prior. With your consent, there could be instances that we will request to obtain your Personal Information in person, by mail, the Internet, facsimile, or over the telephone.  


  1. Accuracy


We will maintain your Personal Information in a complete, accurate and updated form as needed to fulfill the purposes by which we intend to use them.