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Why Learn A Great Deal About Plasmacam Before Buying One

A decision to plasmacam without trying to learn a great about it first may eventually lead to disappointment due to the wrong set of expectations about it. Therefore, it makes sense to do your homework first and learn some of the most important things about it before giving yourself a go signal to make a purchase. Only then can you say to yourself that you are not wasting money, time and effort.

STEP NC plasma cutting

System Costs

When you purchase a plasmacam system, this package should be inclusive of all the necessary software, accessories, construction and installation.

What is a plasmacam machine? This is a complete machining system and can be used right away for cutting out your required parts. Basically, the only things that it will require you to have are a computer system and a hand plasma torch. There is no need for extra parts that you need to assemble or buy. Additionally, you are not obligated to make a purchase of additional software or to learn something else apart from its bundled software application.

The Use of a Handheld Plasma Torch

The machine takes charge of controlling the movement and maneuverings of the handheld plasma torch to provide its optimum flexibility and performance. The plasma machine torch may well qualify as a more expensive option and may not be in the best position to offer any kind of performance advantage against a handheld torch.

Meanwhile, we also have a handful of small plasma cutters that do not offer users a machine torch option. However, the plasma cam machine may well provide the difference we are looking for here. It will allow you to enjoy a significant amount of savings and enjoy using for your various hand cutting requirements also.

Operating Cost

Right this very moment, we can safely assert that this machine is among the easiest, most convenient CNC systems to have. When it comes to setup time, training, maintenance, and operating costs — they are all very minimal. It is a bonus that you don’t need to learn or know something about programming, which can be very discouraging to most people in this business.

Type of Motors

Plasmacam machines are utilizing precision servo motors that are usually further enhanced by equipping them with optical encoder feedback. It is not only working to its advantage to promote its level of accuracy but also optimizes its speed capabilities too.

All this will translate eventually to achieving higher productivity. In the absence of the machine speed and acceleration, achieving a very fine cut for your subject material may not even be possible.

Control System Feedback

Most control systems we have today are making use of the open-loop feedback. What does this signify to us? This means to say that your vibrations and load fluctuations may induce your motor to skip or jump steps due to the lost position of the controller.

But what does a servo controller have? It utilizes closed-loop feedback instead. The encoders here make efficient reporting of the machine’s true and accurate position, and back to the controller. With respect to this, the machine’s perfect position is maintained, in spite of the frequently changing conditions.