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What are Some of the Most Important Home Staging Furniture Tips for Your Bathroom?

When homeowners put up an effort to stage their home for selling to the property market, their natural tendency is to put most of their energy and attention into staging the main living areas of their house.

However, when it comes to the bathroom spaces, they tend to just brush it off. Now hear this, if you are a homemaker and planning to sell your home in the coming months or so, this is a huge mistake!

bathroom home stagingWhile areas like the kitchen and the living room spaces are extremely important in any home staging effort, we must not skimp the bathroom. It also shares the same value as any other part of the house.

Anticipate that anyone who will be keen on buying your home will do more than just check if this part of your house is good enough for them or not. Expect that they will check out its style, the level of neatness and cleanliness but most importantly the space’s overall vibe.

Keep in mind that bathrooms are to be seen as private and personal space, therefore it is paramount to keep them clean. Unknown to many homeowners wanting to sell their property in the market, staging their bathroom properly and the right way increases their chances of selling it for top dollar.

Here are some of the home staging furniture tips for your bathroom

Spruce up your cabinets

Cabinets have an important role to play when it comes to the overall look of your bathroom. So, this means to say that if they are somehow dingy or have a drab appearance, it will likely pull down the overall vibe of the whole space.

Fortunately, you don’t need to invest a fortune on remodeling in case that your bathroom cabinets are outdated or worn out. You daub them with a fresh coat of white or pastel color paint, and doing so will give them a more updated look.

Remove stains and smudges and pay good attention to the caulking

With all the humidity, steam, and water that your bathroom has to endure on a normal day,  this space in your house will inevitably face up to a handful of wear and tear over time. This may include peeling or wearing off of the caulk, mildew growth, and hard water stains.

If you see any of these unsightly things in your bathroom, you need to have them off. As for the caulk, you can buy them cheap at any local hardware in your area and are easy to apply yourself.

After you cleared everything up, it is your fair judgement if you want to bring in any home staging furniture to your bathroom, such as a chair for a corner spot or a neat vanity mirror instead. But you need to stay on top of things so no new stains will arise while your home staging campaign is running. Use a squeegee to clean up your glass shower doors after every time you shower.

Declutter Your Bathroom and Tuck-Away Personal Items

If you are decluttering other spaces in your house like the bedroom and living room space, make sure to do the same also to your bathroom areas. What does this signify? No dirty clothes or traces of any used up laundry items.

In the same way, also, keep all your toiletries out of sight. This would include your favorite perfume, your toothpaste, toothbrushes, makeup, etc. Keep them all out of sight.

Put on Some Accent Piece to Your Bathroom

After carrying out all the cleaning, decluttering, and neutralizing work in your bathroom, never miss out on giving it some finishing touches so it becomes even more inviting. We encourage you to arrange a pile of brand new and crisp white towels.

A couple of immaculate clean white towels nestled on your laundry hamper will effectively remind potential buyers of a luxurious hotel experience. And that they can have the same feeling in your bathroom, if they will buy it.

This is the kind of indelible impression you want to leave to your potential buyers after seeing your bathroom.

Anyway, all the suggestions we gave above are practical, non-expensive measures that will help  make your bathroom spaces even more appealing. Be sure to follow them and you will sell your home at a top dollar amount.